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Astrology is the original science. All the ancient civilizations practiced it or used it. The Aquarian Age Astrological Research Foundation has as it's purpose, advancing the ancient science of Astrology. We are an education and networking agency that teaches and supports pure mathematical Astrology. We do not support non-mathematical or non-scientific methods.

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The ZODIAC is divided into 12 equal parts. Each ASTROLOGY Sign is exactly of 30 degrees 0 minutes 0 seconds of arc in a 360 degree circle.

So is each HOUSE. Equal and opposite.

The most prevalent Mathematical Law. In our Universe everything is equal and opposite. Examples: YIN-YANG, ACID-ALKALINE, NIGHT-DAY, LIFE-DEATH, LOVE-HATE. WHY should ASTROLOGY be different? It isn't.

The 12 HOUSES of the ZODIAC are each, also exactly 30 degrees 0 minutes 0 seconds of arc, just like all the ASTROLOGICAL Signs.

The above statement is not conventional Western ASTROLOGICAL wisdom, HOWEVER.

Most ASTROLOGERS don't use equal houses.

For ASTROLOGERS to use a Non-Equal House System when creating Horoscopes [several Non-Equal House systems have evolved], they need to change their original "Frame of Reference", from the "Frame of Reference" that defines the ZODIAC, to some different "Frame of Reference".

The ZODIAC's "Frame of Reference" is one of a 2 dimensional geometric model calculated in the plane of EARTH's orbit. To use a non-equal House System, Astrologers must change from that "Frame of Reference" to another "Frame of Reference" based on some other plane in space which is different than planet Earth's orbital plane. MATHEMATICS is totally abstract and consistent...So...Why should there be a change in "Frame of Reference"?

By shifting midstream from the "Frame of Reference" that defines the ZODIAC to some different "Frame of Reference" to define the ASTROLOGICAL Houses, reeks of a major mathematical inconsistency.

Using non-equal HOUSES in a Horoscope shows that most Astrologers are using some "new" and "improved" version of ASTROLOGY... THERE AIN'T NO SUCH ANIMAL...

The only House System for The Ultimate SCIENCE, pure abstract mathematical ASTROLOGY is the Equal House System. The abstract Mathematical formulae that ASTROLOGY is based upon haven't changed since our current Solar System was formed...However long ago that event took place.

"Scholars" and thinkers through out history have made many errors in deciphering, interpreting and translating languages from the older civilizations they were studying. The GREEK and ROMAN ASTROLOGER-Astronomers in particular did not fully understand either the Egyptian or Babylonian language's they were attempting to transcribe. In the process those wise Greeks and Romans misinterpreting both dialect's words for a very special line used in "the Geometry of Astrology called the "meridian". A crucial mathematical mistake for current Western Astrology. The proliferation of NON-EQUAL HOUSE SYSTEMS probably came about because of that error.


That single translation error is also responsible for a fundamental misunderstanding of ancient ASTROLOGY'S Equal House System.

LEO is "THE" ruler of the 1st HOUSE

The ARIES - FIRST HOUSE System is not "equal & opposite" to ASTROLOGY'S basic mathematical equations..... IT'S "Frame of Reference". The LEO FIRST HOUSE system is commensurate with the Zodiac. Therefore LEO rules the FIRST HOUSE.

If CANCER [ruled by the Moon-Dark] is #1 and LEO [ruled by the Sun-Light] is #2 in the counter-clockwise formula that is "THE ZODIAC".....The ZODIAC'S equation or "Frame of Reference". Then LEO [Sun-light] has to be #1 and CANCER [Moon-dark] has to be #2 in the "equal & opposite" clockwise formula that is the corresponding EQUAL HOUSE System.

The LEO - 1st House-EQUAL HOUSE system is the only House system that is based on the same "Frame of Reference" as the ZODIAC.

Of all the heavenly bodies in the sky only the Moon and Sun appear large compared to the rest and they appear basically the same size. Ancient civilizations used both of these dynamic heavenly "lights", SUN and MOON, as beginning points in their 2 "equal & opposite" ASTROLOGICAL formulae. Logically in an "equal & opposite" formula, one "Frame of Reference" [Zodiac, #1, Moon] would begin the great circle around EARTH in a counter-clockwise direction. The other "Frame of Reference" [Houses, #2, Sun] would begin a great circle around the surface of EARTH in the clockwise [opposite] direction. Perfect balance is achieved with these "equal & opposite" formula's.

"2", the "Duality" in the sky and "5" mysterious stars = "7", all significant digits throughout history.

HOUSE CUSP'S are Important, especially the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th HOUSE CUSP'S.

The 1st House Cusp in always the Ascendant. This is fact true in all the various House Systems. The ASCENDANT represents the outward expression of an individual to the world. The ASCENDANT or Rising Sign was "THE" most important ASTROLOGICAL calculation to the mystics in Ancient's Civilizations. Indian [sub-continent] Sanskrit writings on ASTROLOGY, 7500 +/- years old, says those planets near the Ascendant dominate a that natives personality.

A correct time of birth is necessary to get an accurate Rising Sign or Ascendant.

The 4th and 10th House Cusp's are square to the Ascendant, i.e. 90 degrees of arc. The 7th House Cusp is always exactly opposite the Ascendant, 180 degrees of arc. The 1st House cusp is Conjunct the Ascendant. The big "THREE" Aspects in ASTROLOGY, the Conjunction, Square and Opposition. ASTROLOGICAL "ASPECTS" are Geometric. The angles between Planets in a Horoscope can greatly influence the personality of the native.

The House Cusp's can actually extend several degrees either side of the 30 degree boundary of a House. The area of influence in House Cusp's is not so hard and fast. This is the main difference between a House Cusp and a Sign boundary, Sign boundaries are absolute measures of distance.

Each House Cusp is a dynamic area of influence in a Horoscope or ASTROLOGICAL Chart but 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th House Cusp's are the most important House Cusp's. The House takes on the character of the Sign on the Cusp.

         1 LEO & 1st HOUSE           7 AQUARIUS & 7th HOUSE
         2 CANCER & 2nd HOUSE           8 CAPRICORN & 8th HOUSE
         3 GEMINI & 3rd HOUSE           9 SAGITTARIUS & 9th HOUSE
         4 TAURUS & 4th HOUSE          10 SCORPIO & 10th HOUSE
         5 ARIES & 5th HOUSE          11 LIBRA & 11th HOUSE
         6 PISCES & 6th HOUSE          12 VIRGO & 12th HOUSE

The Signs:
CANCER : WATER                                   LEO : FIRE
VIRGO : EARTH............   .......................LIBRA : AIR
CAPRICORN : EARTH........  ..  .......AQUARIUS  : AIR
PISCES : WATER................................ARIES  : FIRE
TAURUS : EARTH................   ...............GEMINI : AIR

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Sagittarius and Sagittarius
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Scorpio and Scorpio
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Taurus and Taurus
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Virgo and Leo
Virgo and Virgo
Virgo and Libra
Virgo and Scorpio
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Virgo and Aquarius
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Virgo and Aries
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Virgo and Gemini

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