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Chiron is a bunch of Crap
[as it relates to Astrology.] Charon is a Moon of Pluto
but it's different than Chiron the planetoid.


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Chiron is a bunch of Crap [as it relates to Astrology.] Charon is a Moon of Pluto but it's different than Chiron the Planetoid

Numerous Astrologers think that Chiron is a important solar body to the science of Astrology but it's not. Some believe Chiron is a rogue Moon of Pluto, others say Chiron is a planetoid that orbits the SUN between Uranus and Saturn or that Chiron is a planetoid that orbits the Sun between Uranus and Neptune or that Chiron is a planetoid that orbits the Sun between Neptune and Pluto. A small number even say Chiron where every it resides is the Ruler of the Zodiac Sign, Virgo. Several books have been published on this later theme. The confusion is do to Pluto's Moon being named Charon which is only one letter different that Chiron. Charon, the Moon of Pluto, orbits Pluto and Chiron the planetoid orbits the SUN between Neptune and Pluto.

The planets in our solar system, Rule the 12 Signs of the ZODIAC. Chiron is not a planet therefore it's can't be a Zodiac Sign Ruler for Astrology. Chiron is not the Ruler of Virgo. Chiron is a just another large piece of extraterrestrial junk in our solar system and it's of totally meaningless value to the pure mathematical science of Astrology. The only MOON that's important to Astrology is our MOON, the one that circles our planet about 250,000 miles away from Earth. The one that president G. W. Bush wants to go to again. Only planets Rule the 12 Signs of the ZODIAC; not some bogus Moon or lifeless rock out in the far reaches of near space.

When our solar system [The SUN and it's planets] formed it may not have been in the same structure that exists today. Astrology uses what presently exists. Chiron isn't a planet and it doesn't fit the planetary laws of our solar system, so it's irrelevant to Astrology. Chiron may be meaningful to some Psychic's but not relevant to Astrology. Astrology uses what currently exists, NOW, in our solar system.

Emanuel Velikovsky has a theory that some scientist subscribe to, at least partially. Velikovsky believed, Venus was a comet that was captured by our solar system but his ideas are open to speculation. If a giant comet did bounce off Jupiter and smash into the planet that used to orbit between Mars and Jupiter, that giant collision would have splintered the former planet into a billions of rock segments varying in size from massive mountains to tiny dust particles. That collision is what left the ring of matter between the planets of Mars and Jupiter, that we call The Asteroid Belt. As the theory goes; After this calamity near Jupiter the remainder of the comet bounces off Earth and knocking a portion of our planet into space and that new planetoid now orbits Earth as our MOON. To conclude Velikovsky's theory, the comet was slowed by these impacts and was captured by the SUN. The comet settled into an orbit between Mercury and the Earth and became Venus.

As Mr. Spock would say; Very interesting and a logical possibility.

Astrology developed simultaneously in numerous ancient civilizations around 8-10,000 years ago. Astrology is based on observations of our solar system and focuses on The SUN, the MOON and the planets in our solar system, a total of 12 celestial body's. Astrology is based on 12 and pure mathematics. Astrology is duodecimal mathematics. Before the advent of the telescope Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were unknown to the world. Ancient Astrologers based there mathematical calculations on the seven bodies [Magical Stars] visible from Earth. The SUN, the MOON and the FIVE planets visible from Earth without a telescope. Those planets are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The math is 7 + 5 = 12.

The only dilemma faced by ancients Astrologers was that they had 12 Archetypes or personality profiles that they connected with humans. Astrology had only 7 visible celestial bodies in the heavens to associate with their mathematical science. A consensus arose because the number 12 and the 12 archetypes could not be altered, these were cast in stone and everyone understood that. The most knowledgeable Astrologers used a unique premise to solve this problem. They would bend the sky back upon itself. The SUN and the MOON would be used as single rulers of Zodiac Signs and the 5 planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn would each be used twice, each planet would rule 2 Zodiac Signs. That pattern would not be violate duodecimal mathematics. 2 + 10 = 12. Using the 5 planets in their physical order propagated a pattern based on their mean distance from Earth over the year.

Astrology was created to understand the psychological profile and personality characteristics of living human beings. In this ancient system of behavior analysis; The Sun Rules LEO and the MOON Rules CANCER. In ancient Astrology MERCURY Ruled both Virgo and Gemini in the Zodiac, VENUS Ruled both Libra and Taurus in the Zodiac, MARS Ruled both Scorpio and Aries in the Zodiac, JUPITER Ruled both Sagittarius and Pisces and SATURN Ruled both Capricorn and Aquarius in the Zodiac. This format survived without change for thousands of years both in Asia and the West. It survived until Uranus was discovered in the 18th Century. When Uranus was revealed in 1781 by Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel in Germany; the sighting was hailed as a phenomenal scientific advancement but this development provided a huge dilemma for Astrologers. William Hershel as he was know after he moved to England also discovered infrared radiation in 1800.

WHERE did Uranus fit into the Zodiac?

Astrologers throughout the world huddled for months and then a few years on what to do with Uranus. It took 7 years but finally in 1788, Astrologers agreed and Uranus was the Ruler of Aquarius. Saturn was not the Ruler of both Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn now only Rules Capricorn and the new Planet of Uranus Rules the Sign of Aquarius. Uranus doesn't have any effect on the ancient mathematical system of Astrology except to place the name of the new planet in the already perfect geometric arrangement. Uranus Rules Aquarius. The discovery of Uranus continues the pattern of the Rulers of the Zodiac Signs being based on the planets average mean distance from Earth during the year.

In 1864 the discovery of Uranus was followed by the discovery of Neptune. Urbain Leverrier, a French astronomer who enlisted help from astronomers at the Berlin Observatory found the new planet on the night of September 23, 1846. Many astronomers had been looking for Neptune after Cambridge mathematician, John Couch Adams, predicted it's existence in 1845. But the French and Germany beating the British to the actual discovery of Neptune in the heavens created a quarrel that still exists today.

Neptune was also a problem for the Astrologers of their day? What Zodiac Sign did it rule?

After several years it was decided that Neptune Ruled the Sign of Pisces and that now Jupiter wasn't the Ruler of Pisces. Jupiter is the sole Ruler of Sagittarius and now Neptune was the new Ruler of Pisces. Neptune was so much like Pisces with it's sometimes dark moods. A consensus was agreed to without much opposition and the placement of Neptune with Pisces was accepted by all. BTW; this continued the ancient idea of there being only 12 solar body's. The ancients hadn't discovered any other planets so they used what they could see with their eyes and doubled the planets back upon themselves.

A real important pattern emerges if you look at these two new pieces of the puzzle to the Zodiac. The discovery of Uranus and Neptune, verified that ancient civilizations based Astrology's Rulership on the Mean Distance of the planets from Earth over the year. With both of these discoveries a solid consensus emerged about the placement of these 2 planets and their Rulership of Zodiac Signs. Uranus Ruled Aquarius and Neptune Ruled Pisces.

Percival Lowell the astronomer who mapped the canals of Mars is responsible for the discovery of Pluto although he died ten years before it actually was uncovered. Lowell's canals on Mars were pure fantasy's because of poor telescopes but Lowell did accurately predict the existence of Pluto and position of Pluto in the night sky. Lowell made his predictions on Pluto from the immense numbers mathematical calculations he made, in and around the turn of the 20th Century. Clyde Taumbaugh an astronomical photographer at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona finally did discover photographic evidence of Pluto in 1930. The existence Pluto was no problem for astronomers or scientists. They had all been looking for Pluto for years after seeing Lowell's calculations.

Pluto presented a major problem for Astrologers, and this time there was no consensus.

A huge fight among contemporary Astrologers ensued. The Astrologers who were mathematicians proved that Pluto was the new Ruler of the Zodiac Sign of Aries and that Mars was single the Ruler of Scorpio. Previously Mars Ruled both Aries and Scorpio. The pattern that was continued by placing Uranus in Aquarius and Neptune in Pisces was ignored by a large group of Astrologers from 1930 and thereafter. This group became the AFA and it's offshoots. This larger group supported the idea that the new planet, Pluto, Ruled Scorpio and that Mars now Rules Aries and has nothing to do with Scorpio. They are mathematically incorrect.

The leaders of the smaller group of mathematician Astrologers who knew that Pluto Ruled Aries and Mars Ruled Scorpio were Grant Lewi and Carl Payne Tobey. Lewi and Tobey were the editors of the two national Astrological magazines, American Astrology and Horoscope. The larger group was loudest.

In 1938 the AFA, American Federation of Astrologers, was formed to support the viewpoint that Pluto Rules Scorpio and that Mars was the new Ruler of Aries. The AFA and it's members have promoted this erroneous idea for almost 70 years and their propaganda continues today even though the concept is totally mathematically flawed. Unfortunately The AFA and it's non-mathematical followers have created a large business out of this absurd fantasy but have corralled the majority of Astrologers into their midst. Although the total number of people is only about 10,000. The AFA, NCGR, ISAR and the like sell their belief the same way religion does, that you must believe what they teach out of FAITH and that others are wrong. But mathematics doesn't lie only the AFA, NCGR, ISAR and their cohorts lie. Another promoter of erroneous Astrology is the ACVA, a Vedic Astrology group. Vedic Astrology is based on a unsound mathematical assumption; that the tilt of the Earth on it's axis is somehow involved in Astrology. It's more total Bullshit.

Following the formula based on the Mean Distance over the year of the body from Earth for Rulership, so far fills 10 planets into a pattern of 12 slots in the Zodiac. The Sun Rules LEO and the MOON Rules CANCER. Mercury Rules Virgo, Venus Rules Libra, Mars Rules Scorpio, Jupiter Rules Sagittarius, Saturn Rules Capricorn Aquarius, Uranus Rules Aquarius, Neptune Rules Pisces, Pluto Rules Aries. Taurus and Gemini's Rulers are unknown but in AFA Astrology the are still ruled by the planets Venus and Mercury respectively. Why this discrepancy. 8 planets Rule 8 of the Signs but 2 planets Rule 4 of the Signs in the Zodiac. WHY?

It is relatively easy to follow the blueprint set-up by the formula based on the Mean Distance from Earth over the year and the last 2 Zodiac Signs without individual rulership fit the pattern begun with the discovery of Uranus. The only logical conclusion is that there are 2 planets, "Y" and "Z", beyond Pluto in the solar system and these planets Rule the Zodiac Signs of Taurus and Gemini respectively. This completes the perfect celestial design. There must be 2 undiscovered planets beyond Pluto that Rule Taurus and Gemini. The mathematical odds that this pattern is correct are 3,628,800 divided by 2 to 1 or roughly 1.8 million to 1. This number is 1 X 2 X 3 X 4 X 5 X 6 X 7 X 8 X 9 X 10/2.

Planet "Y" rules Taurus and the planet "Z" rules Gemini and both are beyond Pluto. "Y" is about twice as far out as Pluto and "Z" is about twice again that far away from the SUN. A very long way, BUT, it must be true. The mathematical odds of this being a fact are about 239,500,800 to 1. I won't argue with mathematics. May you will? If you do, you're wrong just as surely as saying gravity doesn't exist.

So not only is the use of Chiron in Astrology ridiculous but the use of anything but the planets in our solar system for Ruling Zodiac Signs or influencing Horoscopes is a complete fantasy and it's down right heresy of this pure form of mathematics.

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VIRGO : EARTH............   .......................LIBRA : AIR
CAPRICORN : EARTH........  ..  .......AQUARIUS  : AIR
PISCES : WATER................................ARIES  : FIRE
TAURUS : EARTH................   ...............GEMINI : AIR

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Chiron is a bunch of Crap [as it relates to Astrology but it is a planetoid]

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