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Moon Wobble
a Grand Square beginning July 15, 1999
During this event there is a Grand Square [all the planets are 90 degrees from each other in the heavens] between the Sun in Leo and transiting Mars in Scorpio, transiting Saturn in Taurus and transiting Uranus in Aquarius. All four of these planets were at or near 15 degrees of the Fixed Signs on August 7, 8 and 9, 1999 and the New Moon in Leo occurred on the 11th of August.

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July 16th
1 teen dead, 2 critical at Indiana Mud Bog Race
2 drown in Massachusetts trying to rescue boy who survives

July 17th
John Kennedy Jr., his wife, Carolyn Bessette, and her sister Lauren die in plane crash near Massachusetts Family home.
13 die in China as landslide sweeps bus off road, at least 11 injured

July 17th
1400 arrested in Iranian protest
Two US soldiers die in Kosovo because armored personnel carrier overturns, 3 hurt

July 18th
Three critically burned in propane fire at little league field in Santa Clarita, Ca.
China executes 20 people convicted of robbery and murder in the southern city of Shenzhen
David Cone, NY Yankee pitches 14th perfect game in history

July 19th
4 dead in Redwood City, Calif. Fire
A Philippine warship sinks Chinese fishing boat in the South China Sea, 11 dead.
Syria orders cease fire with Israel ending 50 years of hostility
Teenagers kill parents then themselves in Austin, Texas 4 dead.
Commercial fishing boat sinks off Nicaragua's coast 60 missing and presumed dead

July 20th
19 dead in India-Pakistan border clash
31 people are missing and presumed dead after a bus plunged into the Minjiang River in the southwest Chinese province of Sichuan
8 people dead in an epidemic of haemorrhagic fever has broken out in Oblivskaya in southern Russia.
At least 35 bodies were found today in wells 12 miles southwest of Algiers

July 21
Millions protest in China causing government to outlaw Falun Gong meditation sect.
California wildfire burns uncontrolled near Santa Barbara
California's Long Valley Caldera awakens with Earthquake swarm
Thousands protest government in Minsk, Belarus
Quebec's nurses picket creating crisis in the province's health-care system.

July 22
Japanese pilot killed in hijacking
King Hassan II of Morocco dies at 70
Massive wild fire just outside French Rivera

July 23
US Army plane down in Columbia 7 missing and presumed dead
15 Serbs massacred in Kosovo
All 16 on board killed in Air Fiji crash
Suspect plus 2 police officers killed in Georgia standoff
Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Dmitri Tertyshny dies in Canadian boating accident
Nun's in Bogotá, Columbia kill thief
Flooding killed 8 people in Xuanhan County in Southwest China's Sichuan province
Macau Executes Murder Gang of 4

July 24
American cancer survivor Lance Armstrong wins Tour de France
Fires blacken 60,000 acres in Northern Nevada
7 dead in Cincinnati heat wave
6 killed, 21 hurt in Columbia transformer explosion
120,000 evacuated from towns in central China as Yangtze floods rip through dykes

July 25
Woodstock 99 becomes Riot 99
34 dead in Iranian flooding
12 dead in Rio drug war shoot out
In troubled Aceh province, Indonesian soldiers kill 41 in a raid on a remote village
40 people killed in rioting in Nigerian city of Kano Monday
China's summer floods killed 31 more people; death toll now over 300

July 26
South African fishing trawler sinks with 26 onboard no survivors found
22 more dead in US heat wave
14 killed in Indonesia religions violence
Truck carrying detonators explodes in Chinese city of Chongqing, killing 15, 48 injured
29 miners in Shandong province die when a water floods the Laiwu iron mine

July 27
20 killed in Swiss canyoning river accident
India and China ready to sign Nuclear pact
2 Pedophiles killed in Italy, a Mob Hit because of slow justice in Italy
7 killed in Indonesian Muslim-Christian conflict
3 Russian soldiers killed, 2 wounded in explosion in southern republic of Dagestan
A TEAM of experts destroyed vials of the lethal VX nerve gas stored in Baghdad

Lunar Eclipse July 28, 1999
About 1 million South African workers stage public strike, biggest since apartheid
US death toll from heat rises to 75
Maryland declares drought emergency
Afghanistan's ruling Taliban starts military offensive against opposition forces

July 29
Atlanta gunman kills family [3] and 9 others before committing suicide
US bombs kill 8 in Iraq
3 mass graves discovered in Angola, over 100 dead
Gas explosion in South African gold mine kills 18
Taiwan suffers all night power blackout

July 30
Beijing heat wave kills 6
30+ killed by a gale in southwest China's Sichuan province
Truck bomb explodes in Medellin, Columbia killing 9 and injuring at least 40 others

July 31
A Michigan plane carrying 10 people crashed Saturday, killing 9 skydivers and pilot
Charlotte, NC maintenance worker kills self after fatally shooting supervisor
Muslim rebels suspected of bombing in Algeria, it killed 7 soldiers, 40 injured
Chinese seize Taiwanese cargo ship off Matsu Island
Morocco starts releasing thousands of prisoners; amnesty decreed by new king

August 1
Philippine ship burns 3 dead 100 missing
At least 30 dead because of torrential rains in South Korea
Peace accord signed in the Congo
Indian troops killed six Islamic militants in gun battle in Kashmir region.
Venezuelan plane hijacked with 17 on board is missing
Guerrillas from Colombian rebel army kill at least 17 people

August 2
400 dead when trains collide head-on in remote Indian province
US heat wave death count rises to at least 215 since July 19
Much of Chicago without power overnight
Asian floods kills hundreds, vanquish thousands
Boron, Calif. A semi-truck hauling concrete piles collided with a van, 6 killed
4 dead in Ohio plane crash
China test fires new long range missile to threaten Taiwan

August 3
Earthquake swarms hit California, Long Valley 86 tremors, China Lake 61, Palm Springs area 60, Calistoga 23
Teenager guilty of murder for running down two, 9-year-old-girls
Alberto Gironella, a leading Mexican surrealist painter is dead. He was 70.
Russian security forces clashed with militants in Chechnya, leaving at least 14 dead.
Typhoon Olga reeks havoc in Manila and Philippines killing hundreds
Mafia kills son of rival clan's godfather who had vowed to marry his daughter

Aug 4
Sri Lanka suicide bomber kills 11
Typhoon Olga slams into Korea, hundreds missing
Forest Fire out of control in Sumatra blankets Indonesia with haze
Floods along China's Yangtze River have left 1.8 million people homeless
500 killed in Republic of the Congo when Sudanese planes bomb northern towns
Ebola outbreak possible in Europe as German comes down with symptoms

Aug 5
3 killed in Alabama office shootings, suspect caught
Eskimo flotilla swamped in Bering Strait crossing, 8 missing and presumed dead
Army Helicopter crashed 1 dead 2 seriously injured
45 missing and presumed dead in Bangladesh boat sinking
At least 2 killed as Mexico celebrates soccer victory over Brazil
Lightening causes 300 sq. mi. of Nevada to be on fire
5,000 people evacuated as Nicaragua's volatile Cerro Negro volcano erupts

Aug 6
5 British soldiers kidnapped in Sri Lanka
Taliban over run by Afghan freedom fighters
Peacekeepers and Kosovo's clash in 6 towns
4 die in small plane crash near Chicago
Worst ever drought in 4 States
Union leader in Turkey assassinated
40 hostages take in Sierra Leone
30 dead in protests over food and medicine shortages in southern Iraq
Hotel explodes in Dallas

Aug 7
3 Italian Girl Scouts killed In flood
Nevada wildfires char 1,000,000 acres most started by 8000 lightening strikes
A plane with 19 people aboard crashed off the West African Cape Verde Islands
Iraqi opposition kills 13 people
At least 18 people, 5 Indian soldiers and 9 guerrillas killed in shootouts
949 killed in Asian floods
Outage hit Chicago Board of Trade
Earthquake swarms in California intensify, Long Valley has 90 in last 3 days

Aug 8
Russia Attacks dissidents in republic of Dagestan
A rebel faction holding 34 hostages in Sierra Leone freed six today
Tahiti, India -- Suspected rebels blow up a bridge and railway line
20 killed in Indonesian violence in Aceh province
4 people died 1 missing as barge collides with a yacht in Vancouver, Canada
14 criminals executed in southern China
Indonesia, a tug and river tanker collide in low visibility killing 10 on tanker.

Aug 9
13 dead in fatal California Farm Accident near Fresno
Sierra Leone frees hostages
All 4 aboard Cessna 185 were killed in Juneau Alaska
6 Russians lost at sea for 4 days in Bering Sea have been found and rescued
Violence erupted at Dave Matthews Band Connecticut concert riot police called
Wall Street gunman kills 1, wounds 2
Calgary oil plant rocked by 20 explosions, 5 burned, part of city evacuated
MCI-WorldCom network goes down

Aug 10
William [Captain Kirk] Shatner's wife drowns
Victor Mature dies
Palestinian driver on suicide mission was killed after running down 12 soldiers
4 dead in SoCal relationship trauma
Muslim and Christian mobs fight street battles in eastern Indonesia, killing 18
Indian fighter planes shot down Pakistani surveillance aircraft killing 16
A bus carrying mourners in eastern China flipped over, killing 8 and injuring 37
Holland legalized euthanasia
A Jamaican security patrol shot to death 3 men in Portmore, just outside of Kingston
Bob Herbert, creator of British pop super group Spice Girls, killed in a car accident
2 weeks of unusual heat in a northern Japan has killed more than 118,000 chickens
5 shot at Jewish Community Center in Granada Hills

Total Solar Eclipse
August 11, 1999
Pakistan fires missiles at Indian planes
China mobilizes troops for Taiwan threat
1 killed as Tornado hits Downtown Salt Lake City
6 Western aid workers kidnapped by an armed gang in Liberia.
At least 9 Sri Lankan police killed when their bus is bombed
Texas heat wave kills 5

August 12
Indonesia explodes in religious violence at least 14 dead
India-Pakistan ready for war
Two Koreas take to the soccer field in friendly match
2 boys killed in East Chicago fire
Kansas returns to the dark ages by declining to teach evolution
Swarms of locusts and fleas have attacked Kazakhstan
Militants attack Algerian soldiers in 3 separate incidents killing 12 and wounding 13
Plane carrying chief of Liberia's national police crashed outside Monrovia, 6 killed
An explosion destroys building at Philippine criminal investigation agency, killing 7

Aug 13
A van carrying Taiwanese students to Yellowstone overturned killing 4, injuring 6
Gunmen kill Colombia's most popular satirist Jaime Garzon, on way to work
Indonesian religious rioting has left at least 94 people dead
Russia: Caucasus War May Expand
140 burnt alive in Uganda by cattle raiders, Ugandan Army finds their remains
Oil tank at a gas station exploded in China's Jiangsu province, killing 9, injuring 7
Porterville, Ca. A man kills his wife and 3 daughters before blowing up their house

Aug 14
5 Indian army personnel killed in 2 incidents in the strife-torn Kashmir
Rivers swollen by heavy rains in Japan swept away 30 people in campground
Burundi accused the Tutsi-dominated army of killing 74 Hutu civilians
8 died and 21 people were injured when bus and train collide in central Chile

Aug 15
Four tourists and a Iranian were kidnapped Saturday night from a hotel in Iran
Mexico; Strike brings 268,000-student university to a standstill
Floods kill 11, make 50,000 homeless in Sudan
1 of 7 injured in explosion at Georgia Power coal-burning plant died of burns
Wind-fueled fires destroy 500 homes in Bolivia, killing 5 leaving thousands homeless
Torrential rainstorm in central China kills over 100, tens of thousands homeless
29 massacred in southwestern Algeria
China begins major Saber Rattling

Aug 16
Earthquake devastates Turkey, hundreds dead

The Signs:
CANCER : WATER                                   LEO : FIRE
VIRGO : EARTH............   .......................LIBRA : AIR
CAPRICORN : EARTH........  ..  .......AQUARIUS  : AIR
PISCES : WATER................................ARIES  : FIRE
TAURUS : EARTH................   ...............GEMINI : AIR

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