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The 1st House


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Leo rules the 1st House

The 1st House in ancient ASTROLOGY is ruled by LEO and the Sun - the source of all light, the center of the solar system. The ASCENDANT represents the personality, the outward expression of an individual to the world and is associated with LEO.

FIRE is the "Element" of the 1st House in the LEO, 1st House system, just like in the ARIES 1st House system. The many similarity's between these two FIRE Signs, LEO and ARIES, probably leads to much of the confusion about 1st House rulership for some. Both ARIES and LEO have very proud ego's as well as both liking attention, being dynamic and energetic. But the difference between "the Self" [LEO] and some greater entity [ARIES - Family or extended Family] is the key personality trait here. "Self" is part of our whole, an essence. There is no "Life" in a dead body; it's just a material object now. The spirit or essence [Self] is gone once somebody's dead. LEO represents the Self not ARIES.

LEO, 1st House-Equal House system is "equal & opposite" to the ZODIAC which is calculated in the plane of Earth's orbit.

Ascendant's represent "the Self" the "outward expression to the world" of our ego [Sun Sign] and are usually different from the Sun Sign. To have both Sun and Ascendant in the same ZODIAC Sign, you must be born near sunrise. When LEO is on the Ascendant, LEO is at it's most dynamic and most obvious. Like Madonna, the LEO, LEO's re-invent themselves regularly. I know a LEO Person, who also has LEO Ascendant. He answers the phone "Joe blow here" and his greeting when calling people on the phone is "this is Joe blow calling". Only a LEO would exhibit this kind of self recognition. People not understand these things might call that individual selfish. Leo is a strong sign, it doesn't think in terms of weak.

To ancient Astrologers knowing the birth time was the most important information they could know about someone. To Ancient ASTROLOGERS that single mathematical calculation, arriving at an Ascendant, the ASTROLOGICAL Sign on the EASTERN horizon at time of birth, proved to be very valuable at describing what personality traits an individual would have. The 1st House represents the Self. The Ascendant is the 1st House cusp.

Because the Head is related to ARIES, in the Aries First House system the Head is also related to the First house.

In the Leo First House system, the Heart is related to the First House because LEO is related to the Heart. Which is more basic to the essence of LIFE, a Heart or a Head. The Heart, right, it's a better fit to have LEO, the Heart, the ruler of the 1st House. LEO represents courage and overcoming fear. LEO's exhibit great courage many times in their lives, living to overcome many a mishap and standing proud because of it. In the "Wizard of Oz", wasn't the lion looking for his courage, his Heart.

When LEO The "King of Beast's" is in it's element is shines like a "star", actually just the SUN.

The most prominent LEO in the world today is Bill Clinton. People talk about his charm, his charisma, his magnetism but call him "Slick Willie". . . Clinton is a typical lovable, charming, regal LEO. . . In person, Clinton is among the most dynamic individuals you will ever see and he is genuine. People can tell that he really cares, like when he spent all that time with the TWA-Flight 800 Family's. LEO's want people to be happy and LEO wants to exert it's influence on others. When people are unhappy in it's midst's, LEO does all it can to cheer these people up and make them happy. LEO goes out of it's way to help people many times, especially if it can do that from it's "position" and make a real difference. Clinton's infamous statement-"I feel your pain" is a fact of Clinton's life. LEO is the extrovert, CANCER is the introvert. LEO is the male principle and the ruler of the 1st House, CANCER is the female principal and the ruler of the 2nd House. These two are pairs male-female and extrovert-introvert.

In conclusion it just makes much better sense when talking about the First House as related to the ASCENDANT and SELF and to have that First House associated with Leo rather than Aries.


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