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Astrology is the original science. All the ancient civilizations practiced it or used it. The Aquarian Age Astrological Research Foundation has as it's purpose, advancing the ancient science of Astrology. We are an education and networking agency that teaches and supports pure mathematical Astrology. We do not support non-mathematical or non-scientific methods.

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Are we truly in The Age of Aquarius yet?

The ASTROLOGICAL "AGES" are "just" a set of mathematical calculations based on the celestial event called the Precession of the Equinoxes. Ancient Astrologers diligently and constantly observed the heavens night and day, they were Astronomers too. Those Astrologer sky-watchers of long ago found another very curious celestial mystery. They discovered that the STAR, the one we now call the "North Star" constantly changed over Time. A very long period of Time, about 26,000 years. Ancient ASTROLOGERS also believed that period was a cyclical one. Meaning that approximately every 26,000 years the same star repeated as the North Star.

What makes the North Star change location? Most important to this equation is the fact that EARTH is tilted on it's axis. The tilt is approximately 23 degrees. As EARTH spins on it's axis, our north pole circumscribes a great circle against the fixed Stars because EARTH wobbles very slightly. This motion is similar to what a spinning "top" does as it twirls. It wobbles. Remember when you were young and played with a "top". Once you got it spinning, the "top" would wander all over the place until it slowed down and fell over. The more a "top" slows down the more it wobbles on it's axis.

An important variable used in this demonstration is that planet EARTH is round and can not really be compared to a "top" which is conical in shape. "Tops" are designed to spin on their narrow point not an axis. The EARTH is also slowing down in it's spinning motion but not as rapidly as a "top" does. Of course planet EARTH is just a little bit bigger than a "TOP".

How did ancient civilizations find this information? To discover such a phenomenon, for many thousands of years ancient ASTROLOGERS have constantly studied the heavens.

Imagine, It's 5,000 years ago, you are 12 years old and your father, the Tribe's Medicine Man-Astrologer, is about to show you what he does almost every night, all night. Record star movements and analyze them.

Proving the "AGES" was difficult but necessary. Any information about the future was extremely valuable. Life was very much more basic survival and a struggle back then. Lest we forget; Electricity and PC's are NEW inventions.

Astrologers assembled that proof of the "AGES" through pain staking observation and record keeping. That's why the written or oral historian was so important in the TRIBE or Establishment. The Astrologers-heaven's observers-spiritual leaders, kept the records and handed them down or verbally relayed them down to the next generation. Why would ancients use the "AGES", if it didn't work? Why are we discussing the "AGES" in the first place if there isn't some valid basis to the very idea of the existence of the AGES of ASTROLOGY?

The "AGES" move clockwise through the ZODIAC. Most of the other phenomenon in ASTROLOGY move counter-clockwise. Interesting? Each "ZODIAC AGE" is a period of approximately 2200 years [26,000 years divided by 12]. During an "AGE" the psychological doctrine of a single ASTROLOGY Sign pervades all society on a deeply unconscious level. Like greatly influences everything and everybody!

Because the "ASTROLOGICAL AGES" also go through retrograde motion there is a long transition period from one "AGE" to the next. Transition's must last about 250 +/- years.

The transition into the AGE of AQUARIUS is why many Christian prophet's have predicted that this millennium will be the "end of the World". Not ours, theirs. The year 2000 is also very close the official END of the Age of Pisces, their AGE, the Christians have been saying so for 2000 years, that why they are making their BIG push to control the United States by decreeing and mandating morality. But! They say they are going to disappear. Let's hope all their hypocrisy will disappear too.

Our civilization is getting very close to that 250 +/- year "frame of reference" of an "AGE'S" retrograde and transition period. AND, With Uranus [84 year orbital period] already in AQUARIUS and Neptune [164.8 year orbital period] going into AQUARIUS in about 7 months, January 29, 1998 on a day when the SUN is already into AQUARIUS, the AGE OF AQUARIUS will NO DOUBT fully dawn. Hopefully, Nostredamus, the Christian mystic, was wrong about some idiot starting a Nuclear War and ending the world.

Realistically the beginning of the beginning of the AGE of AQUARIUS must be dated from the start of the Industrial Revolution some 250 years ago. The AGE of AQUARIUS is probably characterized best by the statement;

The Whole is greater than the Sum of it's Parts.

The AGE of AQUARIUS is constructed from and on the ideas of mass production and mass communication. AQUARIUS means new ideas which also means change.

Ancient ASTROLOGERS predicted civilization would go into a long term decline when the AGE of PISCES came to pass upon Earth. How did they know that? Because it happened before? That's why those wise ancient ASTROLOGERS secretly hid as much of the really important information as possible from the near future. They were right, society declined. Rome sacked and burned the Ancient Egyptian Library in Alexandria destroying almost all of that civilization's historical information.

Ancient ASTROLOGERS also put the most of the valuable information in the fables of the Christian religious text in hopes it would survive the coming, long term decline. How many times is the number 12 is mentioned in the BIBLE? It is no coincidence that the Bible is riddled with the number 12.

The Signs:
CANCER : WATER                                   LEO : FIRE
VIRGO : EARTH............   .......................LIBRA : AIR
CAPRICORN : EARTH........  ..  .......AQUARIUS  : AIR
PISCES : WATER................................ARIES  : FIRE
TAURUS : EARTH................   ...............GEMINI : AIR

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