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ASTROLOGY, Sex and the Clinton's Marriage

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Bill and Hillary Clinton have a "Don't ask", "Don't tell", philosophy regarding sexuality outside their MARRIAGE.

Astrology explains so much about America's First Couple, Bill and Hillary Clinton and their marriage. Astrology dictates Bill Clinton's [Leo] considerable sexuality and his well documented public sexual persona. Astrology also gives absolute VALIDATION to Hillary Rodham Clinton's [Scorpio] loyalty, her compelling family values and her strong supportive nature. One aspect most Astrologers forget to address in the Scorpio personality profile, is their sexual secrecy and Scorpio's secretiveness in general.

Scorpio is a totally family oriented Astrology Sign. THEIR family is all important to the Scorpio. Scorpio is the most loving, loyal, sensual and sexual of all the Zodiac Signs. Scorpio does not discriminate about sexuality; meaning Scorpio's dynamic sexuality is totally unconscious, they just LOVE unconditionally. Scorpio always wants to be doing it, LOVING, all the time with ever who's warm, cuddly and friendly to them. Many Scorpio and Scorpio type women are bi-sexual and even if married may not tell their spouse. Also not all Scorpio's are monogamous.

After all Love has more the one face. AND We allow people to be OK and homosexual, don't we!

What if:

Hillary Clinton is bi-sexual and usually has a secret girl-friend around. What if: Hillary Clinton was having a long term secondary relationship with Vince Foster which Bill knew about and supported. Vince Foster is the guy who committed suicide.

What if:

The Clinton's have an open and honest sexual relationship and they allow each other sexual liaisons, as long as those interludes don't damage their primary relationship, it's goals and their family unit. Without a doubt Bill and Hillary are a powerful team together. Look!! where they are. They didn't get wealthy getting their either.
Everybody knows Bill Clinton is dynamic and very smart. He obviously has charisma, is great talker and has a strong sex appeal. Just, maybe Bill Clinton is smart enough to be devoted to the primary commitment he made to Hillary who happens to be a very brilliant lady. Maybe, Bill and Hillary share their secondary intimate experiences with each other in their own bedroom. That might even be very erotic, hun! A secondary relationship is 2nd or 3rd emotional and sexual connection as well as deep nurturing friendship that maintained in addition to the primary relationship. Remember; The SOUTH [southern states] has more swing clubs than any other section of the US. Swing clubs are places where people get together socially to have sex either 1 on 1 or in various size groups. Estimates put the US Swing population at between 5 and 10 million.

Nobody can deny Bill and Hillary are good parents.

What if:

It is none of your business what Bill or Hillary Clinton do in their bedroom or what kind of sexual arrangement they have. And, It is none of your business what Ron and Nancy, or George and Barbara, or Jimmy and Rosalynn or Gerald and Betty, or Dick and Pat, or Lyndon and Ladybird or Jack and Jackie or Ike and Maime did in their bedroom or place of sexual liaison. It's none of your business what anybody does sexually behind closed doors.

What if :

The Republicans are so jealous of Bill Clinton's charisma and sexual prowess that they need to try to bring him down as President for their own ego's gratification. It's pretty obvious that Bill Clinton and Jack Kennedy both have had plenty of women in their life, most of whom have thrown themselves at these popular Presidents. Maybe the only way the Republicans can get laid is if they have to pay for it and that's why they are so pissed at Clinton. They seem to be wasting a lot of our money chasing ghosts in the process.

The public's message to the politicians and media in this sex scandal seems to be "give it up". We the people like the way things are going in our country under "Slick Willie". Besides nearly everybody cheats on their spouse and lies about it.

Will the Establishment get the message?
Lets hope so!

Personal Privacy is fundamental to humanity

Do you want the Government invading your bedroom and your sex life? I sure don't.
Ronald Reagan's Attorney General Ed Meese started assaulting our privacy during the 1980's. It continues today.

Broad change is on the horizon. Big secrets to be revealed late this summer and in the fall. Neptune entered the Zodiac sign of Aquarius on January 29, 1998; the date of this WebPages publication.

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