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World Wide Economic Boom.
This boom will be fueled by the electronic interconnection of the planet. There are currently about 1 billion personal computers on the planet and about 30% of them are connected to the world wide network called the Internet [Nov 1997]. By the year 2005 there will be 5 billion personal computers and 80% will be connected to the same Internet.
This calculates "in round numbers" to a 10 fold increase in the present communications infrastructure which took almost 100 years to build. In less than 10 years the same network needs to expand itself another 10 times to keep up with the demand.
Luckily most of this infrastructure expansion won't be a "laying of new lines" as the majority of communication construction has been since the beginning of this Century. Wireless technologies [both cellular and satellite] will make up the bulk of this expansion. This massive worldwide growth will generate massive profits for those companies technology's that the marketplace deems best.

We all know what happened with Microsoft. There are probably 20 more successes like that company's, coming in the near future.

The end of our present Health Care System.
It's way, way to expensive and it doesn't get the job done.

The Western Medical model of always looking for a bug or flawed gene is erroneous logic.
In the near future, Natural and Preventative methods will mostly be used in treating Acute or Chronic conditions not Emergency Medicine.
Or!; Natural and Preventative methods will be used in conjunction with allopathic methods [drug therapy] for treating the Acute or Chronic conditions, i.e., Dis-eases that exist.
Healthy diets, environment, ethereal teachings, lifestyle, Wholism and non-surgical, non-evasive techniques like acupuncture, body work and massage are so much cheaper than drugs or surgery and they also work much better at healing Acute and Chronic Dis-ease.
Dramatic Intervention [Emergency Medicine] will finally be used for it's original intended purpose; the one which it does the best at; Crash and Disaster victims, not on Dis-eases.
A shift in wealth will result from the change to Preventative Medicine.

The end of present Education System.
With it's top heavy Administration, our current Educational System is burdened by power and control issues, instead of doing it's job of teaching and training students. The US school system is a disgrace. It does not prepare kids to become adults, parents or for the future.

A system of home schooling, private schools, religious or spiritual tutors and scholars working in small groups is better suited to educating the intelligent young. Technical academies and conservatories or trade schools can teach those that are interested the crafts or who have other abilities.

Backlash to Technology.
Some of those who have fundamentalists beliefs will attempt to sabotage the world's shift to technology. Seeing their old world changed forever by technology, those fundamentalists will attempt make the planet's people to acquiesce to their beliefs.

Resurgence of the Unions
There will be a great resurgence of the UNION movement among the more common peoples of the world. Individuals are already planning UNIONIZATION of the current industries which aren't already organized.

The greediness of corporations and businesses has gone way too far. Downsizing is a political correct way of saying you're fired. Employees hired at lower salaries breach peoples sensibility when older workers are discharged just to lower labor costs. Very few presidents of company's should make salaries 10 or 100 of millions of dollars a year.

To the average person on planet EARTH, the quality of own their individual life will soon become much more important than achieving great success. The stress in modern life is too much for most humans to manage and still maintain their health and happiness. These two; Health and Happiness, which generally come with play and good relationships, will be the goals of most planet citizens not attaining wealth.

The Signs:
CANCER : WATER                                   LEO : FIRE
VIRGO : EARTH............   .......................LIBRA : AIR
CAPRICORN : EARTH........  ..  .......AQUARIUS  : AIR
PISCES : WATER................................ARIES  : FIRE
TAURUS : EARTH................   ...............GEMINI : AIR

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