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Astrology is the original science. All the ancient civilizations practiced it or used it. The Aquarian Age Astrological Research Foundation has as it's purpose, advancing the ancient science of Astrology. We are an education and networking agency that teaches and supports pure mathematical Astrology. We do not support non-mathematical or non-scientific methods.

SATURN cycles last 28 to 30 years.

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In the not to distant past, somewhere between 28 and 30 years was the complete life span of many human beings.

SATURN, the planet not the car, is known as the ENFORCER or great equalizer in ASTROLOGY. WHY? Because Mother Nature has to dramatically balance excesses.

SATURN in the natal Horoscope seems to create time frames for our life and personal growth patterns. These cycles vary between 28 and 30 years and from person to person depending of SATURN'S natal placement and how many times it goes retrograde during it's transits.

In pre-PISCEAN AGE time's many ancient Chinese had lifetimes that lasted in excess of 150 years. Those peoples achieved that long life tenure by following a strict Health and Nutritional regime. These facts are documented in many very old Chinese manuscripts.

Every 7 years SATURN makes a strong aspect with itself or a major planet and these aspects happens in every persons Horoscope. SUN, MOON, MARS, ASCENDANT; being the major planets. These SATURN transits have great effects on all individuals lives. The best known book about this phenomenon is call PASSAGES by Gail Sheehe. Sheehe hides ASTROLOGY in the context of a long psychology essay.

ASTROLOGY is the Algebra of LIFE and Psychology.

The SATURN Cycles

  • Age 0 - 6/7. [1/4 SATURN cycle]

At birth the human child is totally dependent on it's mother, it's parents and others in it's immediate environment. At this age a human child cannot survive by itself. It will be at least 3 or 4 years after birth before the very smartest of children could survive by itself. This SATURN cycle is when all the basic survival skills and ethics should be taught to the offspring. ETHICS are different than MORALS.

  • Age 7 - 13/14. [1/2 SATURN cycle]

The child begins to really socialize during this SATURN cycle. Children also start to break away from the tight control of their parents. Most kids gain some independence and a few could survive by themselves well . The later part of this cycle is when a real sex education should begin, actually the earlier the better. The huge number of Teenage Pregnancies in the United States is utterly ridiculous and a social travesty.

  • Age 14 - 20/21. [3/4 SATURN cycle]

HORMONES! Puberty is the beginning of this SATURN cycle. The child normally grows to full adult size during this period and has to adjust to all the hormonal changes it's body is going through including the possibility of becoming a parent. Learning social skills and mental development is what Mother Nature has in mind for this time frame.

Unfortunately most adult humans are forever stuck at this age of development, both socially and intellectually. The proof of this assertion being the current worldwide social structure which is pretty much based on a Junior High School mentality, i.e. Insecure and possessive relationships dominated by a clique values.

  • Age 21 - 28/29. [1st Full SATURN cycle]

Near the end of this SATURN cycle a human being finally becomes a psychological adult, i.e. breaks away from it's parent's influences and really understands both responsibility and begins it's own life. A period when most people should begin their careers after an apprenticeship period. But instead many human beings are starting a family while they themselves are still too young to be responsible enough. It's really hard for any person to know who they really are until this cycle is over. The keyword is experience and it has many advantages.

  • Age 28 - 35. [1 1/4 SATURN cycles]

Most work very hard at their chosen careers and/or family's during SATURN'S second go-around. This SATURN cycle is the time when the majority should begin their family's, after their careers have "come together", the really smart people follow this pattern. But most actually started a family 10 years earlier. As the end of this cycle approaches some people begin to find a health problem or two. It is also a point in many peoples lives when they begin to realize that they have limitations.

  • Age 35 - 42. [1 1/2 SATURN cycles]

During this SATURN cycle is the point when a lot of people realize that their life is 1/2 over and if they want something in that LIFE, they had better do it soon or forget it. For men in particular as 40 approaches this has been the time when many seem to go into a second childhood [at least that's what is incorrectly thought by most people]. These people are just reaching for their true goals. Today women can use the same excuse to make significant changes in their lives.

  • Age 43 - 50. [1 3/4 SATURN cycles]

This SATURN cycle is the "minor" power and wealth age. Many corporate and political type individuals begin to achieve their goals but must watch their health. Go-getter's who are climbing the ladder of success sometimes die of stress related diseases at this point in their lives. Stress management is very important to all.

  • Age 51 - 58 or 60. [2nd full SATURN cycle]

This is the end of the second SATURN transit of the Zodiac and today it is also the life expectancy of some adults. It's the distinguished power age and the major wealth age. This is the point in LIFE where many make their highest achievements, that is unless you are a politician or entertainer.

  • Age 59 - 66. [2 1/4 SATURN cycles]

Many politicos become very successful during this SATURN cycle. The Distinguished years, a time to wield the money and power that a person has achieved. Another time to be careful about your health however.

  • Age 66 - 73. [2 1/2 SATURN cycles]

This SATURN cycle is the Retirement age for most people but not for some politicians who achieve their zenith during this period. A lot of folks plan to do those things they have always wanted to do during this interlude of their life.

  • Age 74 - 81. [2 3/4 SATURN cycles]

This SATURN cycle can be very rewarding for those who are healthy and lucky to be alive. Most of those left begin to experience fragility as their 80's begin.

  • Age 82 - 89 or 90. [3 full SATURN cycles]

This SATURN cycle usually brings passing on but there are a few who are really lucky to still be alive. All but the most virile become very fragile souls. Very, very few people live beyond this SATURN cycle.

The Signs:
CANCER : WATER                                   LEO : FIRE
VIRGO : EARTH............   .......................LIBRA : AIR
CAPRICORN : EARTH........  ..  .......AQUARIUS  : AIR
PISCES : WATER................................ARIES  : FIRE
TAURUS : EARTH................   ...............GEMINI : AIR

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